May 06, 2016

Classic | Touch and Feel

April 30, 2016

Sup everyday

Hamboards...lo mejor que puedes hacer para perfeccionar tu técnica.



Abrigado y descalzo

Looking back I definitely would have worn some shoes (and a helmet) for the whole Lombard street thing. Those bricks were sharp. At this time in my life I had only made it up to The City maybe once before. So while everyone was staring at a giant surfboard on wheels, I was taking in the beauty of the place and trying not to kill myself going around blind corners. It's time to get back up here. I'm pretty sure they have repaved that whole area around Fort Point. 

-Gus Hamborg

Lost in the Light // Bahamas
Wake Up // Arcade Fire


Esto es lo que hacemos

George Williams staying loose, limber and dialing in his turns on the Fish in between contest heats. George has been riding Hamboards for ages and his pops, Chris Williams, uses Hamboards for his Laguna Beach based surf team, Soul Surf, to fine tune his pupils surfing.  


Hamboards en Marte

Exploring the depths of universal possibilities with Anders Hamborg. Filmed in Huntington and Newport Beaches. Anders is riding the Hamboard Classic™

Riding Hamboards in California

Just a normal California day of wave sliding and pavement riding with the Hamboard crew, using the longboards that make the transition between skate and surf seamless.